Resources to help you build English vocabulary lists

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English Vocabulary Lists: Benefits

English vocabulary lists are wonderful tools to help you learn a new language.

Using vocabulary lists is an excellent way of organizing words by category or difficulty.

Once you have them, there are various excercises that you can do to help memorize the words and effectively use them in propoer context. For example, with flashcard builders or more traditional tactics like line writing.

Resources to help you build a vocabulary list

Here are some resources that you could use to build your English vocabulary list.


If you’re a beginner, it’s a great idea to use course books that are organized by level. You can check some out by publishers like Macmillan and Pearson.


If you’re an intermediate level student, you can turn to the web. Blogs are great for learning new words because the language that’s used is often simplified and conversational. A few blogs that I highly recommend are HubSpot, Zapier, Huffington Post.


If you’ve got a relatively high English level, you can turn to news publications. Bloomberg Business Week, Harvard Business Review, and Inc. are some of my absolute favourites.

Last, if you’re an avid reader, Scribd is definitely the place for you. As a member, you can access a huge digital library of English books on all subjects written by top-notch authors.

Which resources do you love using for your English study?

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