language instructor

As a Part Time Language Instructor, you will deliver lessons in accordance with LV Linguistics teaching principles: focusing on the specific objectives and needs of your students and potentially their employers. You will work with private students as well as small group classes at our center in Marcinelle, online, or directly at the customer’s location.



  • evaluate student language levels
  • develop course proposals
    create supporting material for lessons and maintain center resource materials
  • assessing, recording and reporting on the attendance, progress, development, and attainment of students whilst keeping electronic records as required
  • provide high quality and specific language training to adult students in accordance with LV Linguistics company values and external quality standards
  • supporting and motivating students to allow them to grow and enhance their own skills
  • participate in various marketing activities that will promote the development of LV Linguistics, this could include the contribution to our website, social media, participation in events, etc.


As a Part-time Language Instructor for LV Linguistics, you must have exceptional communication skills in the language that you teach. We are seeking interactive and motivated instructors who are comfortable working in a diverse environment on a flexible schedule.

In addition to this, our instructors:

  • possess strong intercultural and pedagogical skills
  • are lively, flexible, empathetic to students’ challenges, and highly communicative
  • are committed to delivering the highest standard of customer service
  • are mobile with a valid driver’s license and a vehicle at their disposal

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