Episode 4:
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Hey there, English language enthusiasts, and welcome to Business English Made Easy! I’m Victoria, and I’m here to help you become more fluent and confident when speaking English! 

Ever wondered how to jazz up your English conversations with a sprinkle of positivity? Well, today, we’ve got a treat for you! Dive into the vibrant world of English idioms and expressions that will have you feeling over the moon in no time. Whether you’re on cloud nine or just a happy camper today, join us as we unravel the joyful phrases that native speakers love to use. 

Ready to smile from ear to ear? 

Think about this for a moment:

How are you feeling today? Are you on top of the world (really great and full of energy) or feeling somewhat bummed out (a little sad or disappointed)?

The English language boasts an entire collection of lovely expressions and idioms to use when we want to relay feelings of positivity.

Today, I’m going to teach you 5 of them! 

Over the Moon

This is undeniably one of the most common expressions used in the English language to relay feelings of happiness and positivity. And what it means is exactly what it says: you are feeling so positive that you want to jump over the moon!

Jane just bought a new car and she loves it. She is over the moon.

On Cloud Nine

This one is somewhat similar to the first and happens to be another common expression associated with feeling happy and positive. When you’re on cloud nine you feel like you’re floating through air on a cloud.

Hey, have you heard? I got a promotion. I’m on cloud nine!

Grin from Ear to Ear

When was the last time you experienced a moment that made you want to grin from ear to ear? While it isn’t actually physically possible, you probably understand what it means to be extremely content with something. So much so that you can’t help but have an enormous smile on your face… almost from one ear…to the other.

I think Susan just struck a goldmine with that new job because she can’t stop grinning from ear to ear.

And, if you’re wondering what struck a goldmine means, Susan just earned a lot of money. 

Happy Camper

Even though this expression isn’t as strong as the first two, which are used to express extreme feelings of joy and positivity – being a happy camper means that you’re generally content with what’s happening in your life.

When they were announcing the test scores, I was expecting the worst. But when I saw mine, I was a happy camper. No complaints!

Back on your/my feet

This is another common expression you will often hear someone using when he/she has had to deal with negative events (such as being ill or going through financial difficulties) and then recovering from whatever has happened. This expression describes a successful transition from a negative to a positive situation.

It’s only been a week since I fractured my hand, but I’m already back on my feet and doing the things I love doing.

Alright, dear listener, that wraps up our delightful journey through English expressions that shimmer with positivity. Remember, next time you’re feeling over the moon or find yourself grinning from ear to ear, you’ll have the perfect idioms to express yourself. 

Language isn’t just about grammar and vocabulary; it’s about capturing emotions and painting vivid images with words. And now, you’ve added some bright colors to your linguistic palette. You will find all of the idioms and more in the worksheet above. Just click on download to receive the worksheet plus additional exercises to practice your English.

Until next time, stay curious, keep learning, and I’ll see you in the next episode. Goodbye!

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