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Question: What is the correct way of stating this sentence “I had a 9 hour flight.” OR “I had a 9 hours flight.” ?

Answer: I had a 9-hour flight.

In this case, ‘9-hour’ is a compound adjective modifying the word ‘flight’.
We always keep those in the singular form.

  • A 5-mile run
  • A 100-page book
  • A 6-minute read

You get the idea ?

However, if ‘flight’ is the subject, we say…

The flight is 9 hours.

‘Question: How do you use the word ‘anticipate’ in a sentence?

Answer: If you anticipate something, it means that you expect it to happen.

He hasn’t studied all semester. I don’t even think he has opened his textbook. I anticipate that he’ll fail. 

We’re anticipating excellent sales this year because our product is a lot better than the competitor’s. 

When you anticipate, it could also mean that you’re planning ahead. You’re really sure that something will happen, so you take the steps needed to protect yourself.

We’re anticipating a lot of problems with the new factory. We’ve taken out some extra insurance. 

Happy studying!

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