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40 English Phrasal Verbs In Use


Phrasal Verbs

These little word bundles aren’t always intuitive. On their own, the words don’t make much sense. But, connected, they give us the possibility of communicating so many wonderful things. Have a look at the word cloud above. Combine the individual words to make as many phrasal verbs as possible. Once you’re done, scroll down to see the phrasal verbs that we’ve compiled, as well as examples of how to use them in a sentence.

40 Phrasal Verbs in Use

Here are 40 phrasal verbs that we were able to compile using the words above.

How many did you get?


drop in

My brother likes to drop in without so much as a telephone call. I never know when to expect him.

drop off

I have to drop off this book at the library.

fall down

I’m so clumsy. I fall down at least twice a day.

fall in

He falls in love with every girl.

fall off

I can’t ride a bicycle. I always fall off.

fall over

Look how intoxicated he is! He keeps falling over!

figure out

I can’t figure out the solution to this problem.

fill in

Please fill in the survey.

fill out

Please fill out the form.

get in

Get in the car. We’re leaving.

get off

You must get off at the next stop.

get out

Get out. We’re here.

get to

How can I get to New York?

get up

I get up at 6 o’clock every morning.

give in

I give in. You can have the last slice of pie.

give out

Give out many brochures at the conference.

give up

I give up. Why did the chicken cross the road?

hang on

Hang on. Did he really say that??

hang up

Please hang up and try your call again.

look in

Look in the mirror. You have something in your teeth.

look on

Look on your right. That’s the Eiffel Tower.

look out

Look out for bears.

look over

I need to look over these documents before Monday.

look up

I look up to my mom. She’s such an extraordinary woman.

put in

I’ll put in a good word with my manager. Hopefully, you’ll get the position.

put off

I was put off by his rudeness. We won’t be calling him back for a second interview.

put on

It’s cold. I’m going to put on a sweater.

put up

I can’t put up with his complaining. It’s just too much!

show off

Stop showing off. We know that you’re a really good football player.

show up

This is the 3rd time this month that she hasn’t shown up for work.

sleep in

It’s Sunday. I’m going to sleep in.

sleep on

That’s an interesting idea. I’m going to sleep on it and get back to you tomorrow.

stick to

We need to stick to our original plan. Otherwise, we’ll lose everything.

take care

My boss takes care of us. We’re not just employees to her. We’re family.

take down

We need to take down the posters.

take in

This is a lot to take in. Let me think about things and get back to you next week.

turn in

It’s getting late. I’m going to turn in.

turn off

Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you go upstairs.

turn on

Can you turn on the coffee machine?

turn over

He’s turned over a new leaf. He’s like a different person! So much more responsible than he was before.

          Let’s practice some phrasal verbs.
Choose the best option based on the context.

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