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Introducing the Ultimate English Fluency Club Membership! 

At the heart of success lies a combination of the right environment, consistent practice, and expert guidance. This isn’t just another language course. This is a life-changing journey designed for those who are serious about elevating their English to new heights.

From our founder

A personal Letter From Victoria

Dear English learner,

Have you ever felt the sting of hesitation before speaking in English? The little voice inside that says, “What if I say it wrong?” or “Will they understand me?” Imagine if there was a safe space where not only could you confidently express yourself in English, but also refine your skills, receive expert guidance, and engage with a supportive community.

Introducing our English Fluency Club – your golden ticket to mastering the English language!

Why should you consider joining us? Here are compelling reasons:

Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips: With our English Fluency Club, you gain direct access to a dedicated English instructor within our forum, always ready to address your queries, ensuring your learning journey is smooth and productive.

Engage with a Vibrant Community: Dive deep into our community pool of passionate English learners. Share experiences, celebrate milestones, and forge lifelong friendships.

Motivation Galore: It’s easy to lose motivation when you’re learning alone. With us, every day is a new opportunity to connect, learn, and grow, ensuring your motivation never wanes.

Diverse Learning Themes: Every week, our club delves into distinct themes, making your learning adventure engaging and comprehensive. This ensures you’re not just learning English, but you’re understanding its nuances, tones, and shades.

Practical Learning Through Peer Sessions: Nothing beats the experience of real conversations. Our weekly peer practice sessions, based on specific themes, will help you confidently navigate various topics, tones, and dynamics.

Exclusive Resources: Receive monthly worksheets tailored to reinforce your learning. Additionally, get personal feedback on text submissions, highlighting areas of strength and those needing improvement.

Stay Updated with Monthly Live Q&A: Every month, join us in an insightful session where we tackle your queries head-on, offering clarifications, guidance, and much more.

Exclusive Access to Our Private Facebook Group: A space exclusively crafted for you, where learning and group support never stops.

Now, let’s address the real question – Is this English Fluency Club going to be a total waste of my time and money?

The market is flooded with English learning platforms, each promising the moon and stars. And here’s the bitter truth – many of them are nothing but rehashed content thrown together without a genuine understanding of what learners truly need. It’s no wonder that you might be skeptical. After all, if you’ve tried other platforms and found them lacking, what guarantees this won’t be more of the same?

Firstly, the English Fluency Club isn’t just another course—it’s an experience. It’s crafted not from a business perspective, but from the heart of a true language enthusiast. This isn’t about making quick bucks. It’s about creating meaningful, lasting progress for each member.

For the modest sum of 15€ a month—yes, less than what some of us spend on a week’s coffee—you’re getting more than mere lessons. You’re entering a dynamic space of immersion. This isn’t a passive process. Every module, every live session, and interaction is designed to make you feel the language, not just understand it.

Our community is our cornerstone. The isolation that often accompanies online learning? We’ve eradicated it. Dive into our spirited discussions, join our themed weekly sessions, and challenge yourself with our tailored exercises. Get feedback, real, genuine feedback that aids growth, not generic comments that serve no purpose.

Still, questions might linger. “Is this truly for me?” “Can they offer what I’m really looking for?” “What if it doesn’t meet my expectations?” I’ve been there, facing the paralysis of analysis. So, let me make this simple.

Take the leap. Experience our club. Feel the difference. If, after immersing yourself, you still feel it’s not the right fit, then at least you’ve eliminated one more option in your quest for English mastery. 

But what if this becomes the game-changer in your learning journey?

I’ve poured everything into ensuring this isn’t just another club—it’s the club. And I wholeheartedly invite you to be a part of our journey, to make English not just a language you learn but a language you live.

Our English Fluency Club isn’t just about lessons; it’s about experiences. It’s where mistakes are not mocked but corrected, where every question is valid, and where learning is a shared journey.

I invite you to take the leap of faith. Embrace this opportunity to not just learn English but to live it. Join our English Fluency Club, and let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

Looking forward to welcoming you into our community.

Warm regards,

Victoria Landa
Founder, LV Linguistics English Fluency Club

a unique community and support tailored to a motivated english learner

Community Like Never Before: Engage, interact, and grow with a community of English learners. Share your experiences, learn from theirs, and never feel alone in your journey again.

Motivation Amplified: There’s nothing more motivating than being part of a tribe with the same goal. Experience motivation like never before and push your boundaries each day.

Thematic Learning: Every week we dive deep into specific themes, making learning more engaging, fun, and contextual.

"My business English is improving fast
like my confidence."

"Great Network and really awesome experience and insights! I've found great people to connect with, as well as amazing support. My business English is improving fast like my confidence. I've also got useful advice about the way to run my business. Really wonderful network to be part of."
gianlucA, member & entrepreneur

Access to an English Instructor:

Stuck somewhere? Need clarity? Our dedicated instructor in the forum is there to answer your questions, ensuring continuous learning without any hiccups.

Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions:

Submit your questions and join us live every month. We are committed to addressing your concerns, clearing doubts, and guiding you through.

Weekly Peer Practice Sessions:

They say practice makes perfect. With our peer practice sessions based on specific themes, you get to perfect your skills and boost your confidence.

Exclusive Monthly Worksheets:

Every month, we roll out specialized exercises to reinforce your learning and to keep you on your toes.

Personalized Text Corrections:

Send us a short text every month. Our experts will correct it, provide feedback, and give recommendations, ensuring you always know your progress and areas to focus on.

Private Facebook Group Access:

Become a part of our exclusive club. Share, learn, ask, and grow every day in a space curated just for you.

Master the english Language

Get over your fear of speaking English and communicate effectively, confidently, and spontaneously with anyone. Get accustomed to communicating with different accents and cultures, thanks to your exposure to such a vast group of international professionals.

Develop your business Or Career

Get the courage and confidence to expand into international markets and increase your revenue stream. Access publications and trainings from some of the most well-known specialists in the world, which are almost exclusively written in English. 

Get Inspired

You’ll have access to an inspiring community. Never feel alone in your business or in your language journey. Let your peers inspire you through the weekly discussions. You’ll be talking about anything business related – marketing, employee management, strategy – all in English!

What is the English Fluency Club?

The Business English Network™ brings together professionals from around the world who want to speak English with confidence. 

We are an English fluency club that organizes discussion sessions on a variety of topics related to business. By being a member, you will network with incredible people, practice speaking business English, and have access to our team of trainers for any questions related to English grammar or vocabulary. 

Stay Accountable

The weekly content will add regularity to your  English study schedule.  It’s so easy to get distracted or not to know what to do next. We’ll keep you on the right path. Your peers will help you do that, as well. 

What Members Are Saying

"The atmosphere is amazing. Victoria is really enthusiastic and everybody is so nice. It's wonderful to speak with people from all over the world. Not only do I practice my English, I get ideas for my business."

Denis B.
Pharmaceutical Industry
"I love that we talk about issues that are related to my business. Things like managing employees or business strategy. It makes the sessions different than just a regular English class. It's really a mastermind."

Saphia R.
Chemical Industry
"As an entrepreneur, it's always important to share, exchange and grow surrounded by a great community. Thanks to the Business English Network I found such an inspirational group. A great community to share and grow in business!"

Luigi S.
Cyber Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated April 2022

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time. You will still have access to the content until the end of that month or quarter. Payments are made for the upcoming month or quarter. For example, if you’ve signed up for a monthly membership, if you cancel on the 16th of April, you will still have access to membership benefits until the end of April. You will not, however, be charged at the end of the month for May access.

How are the discussions structured?

Each week, there will be a discussion topic and questions communicated. You’ll find all of these topics on the membership platform. Each week, we will hold 40 minute sessions. In order to account for the various timezones, we will hold an early morning, midday, and evening session.

You will meet with the group on the online platform. The instructor will then split you into groups of 2-4 people. You’ll then be moved into separate break-out rooms. The sessions are guided by the instructors, however, they will not participate in discussions. 

How many sessions can I attend?

The content and discussion topics change weekly. 

Currently, discussion sessions are scheduled on: 

  • Fridays, 12h00-12h40.
We plan on adding additional times in the near future. Once this happens, you can attend as many discussion sessions as you wish.

What do I need to participate in the membership?

You will only need an internet connection, a device of your choice (PC, laptop, tablet or phone).

Is there a requirement to join The Business English Network™?

This membership is for intermediate to advanced English speakers. This means an English level of at least B1. If you can understand this page and participate in general business discussion, you should be good to go. If you’re unsure of your level, please contact us.

What's not included in the membership?

The monthly fee will give you access to our content library, weekly discussion groups guided by one of our amazing English instructors, bi-weekly grammar and vocabulary Q&A sessions, and access to the exclusive forum. This membership does not include any individualized language training. If you have any English related questions, you can ask the group within the forum. Alternatively, you can ask your questions during the Q&A live. If you want more personalized attention, please contact us to discuss training options. 

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L'accès instantané !

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