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English expressions you must know if you communicate with native speakers


To be full of hot air

Imagine someone standing in front of you. He’s moving his lips and making big gestures with his arms, which makes you believe that he’s saying something important. Yet…no sound is actually coming out. Instead, you feel gusts of hot air coming your way.

When someone is full of hot air, it means that they aren’t saying anything with much value. They just continue on an on.

To be green with envy

When I was a little girl, my best friend got this amazing Barbie doll for her birthday. I had been dreaming about that doll for weeks. But, no matter how many hints I gave my parents…nothing. When I saw my friend open up her gift, I was so envious. I couldn’t contain myself. I couldn’t even look at her! Seeing her hold that beautiful doll in her hands was torture for me! I was absolutely green with envy.

To check in on someone

When we want to see how someone is feeling, we check in on them. This can be in person, with a quick visit. It can even by over the phone. We check in by showing the people that we care about that we’re present. We ask them how they are, whether they need anything, and just do a quick check – or overview – of how things are.

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