Speak English Faster, Learn Advanced English Vocabulary, And Improve Pronunciation

An English fluency challenge for intermediate-advanced students. 

Speak English Faster, Learn Advanced English Vocabulary, And Improve Pronunciation

An English fluency challenge for intermediate-advanced students. 

A 10% improvement using
proven techniques!

In this challenge, expect to: 

  • learn advanced vocabulary; 
  • focus on nuances of the English language like word stress and pronunciation;
  •  obtain at least a 10% improvement in speaking speed in just 5 days. 

How does the challenge work?

We’re going to employ 2 techniques: the shadow method and sprint repetition. 

Once you sign up, you will receive instant access to a platform dedicated to the challenge. Every day, a new lesson will be released and you’ll be notified by e-mail once the content is ready for you to view. Once logged in, you’ll access:

Join me for this challenge and start speaking English faster straight away. 

you're in the right place.

This Challenge is a Must if...

A Personal Invitation from Victoria, Business English Coach

I was in the same situation as you not so long ago. I work in a bilingual environment but felt really nervous when it came to having to use French for professional reasons. 

The result? 

I ended up avoiding situations where I had to completely, even though they were important for building my company at that time.

With no one to guide me through this process, I had to learn everything on my own. I tried many different methods until one day it clicked and I finally got the results I was looking for…My confidence came back and French became second nature. 

I know what it’s like working in a foreign language. 

So to help you avoid the frustrations I felt, I decided to put together a 5-day challenge to show you that you can see huge improvements in a short period of time. 

Take the first step towards speaking English more fluidly!

There is absolutely no risk on your part. You can expect to feel relieved and more confident speaking in English at the end of this challenge!

And, I’ll be here to support you along the way. 

Your personal English coach,


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Tongue Twister Tune-Up

Develop your oral fluency thanks to tongue twisters! We’ll be looking at 10 tongue twisters in under 10 minutes. In this video training, I’m going to walk you through each and every one of them until you’re ready to speed through them on your own!

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12 Advanced English Phrases To Take Control Of Your Business Meetings

These phrases will help you express your opinions, demonstrate your expertise, and take active control of any discussion! Complete PDF and audio recording included. 

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Access to Victoria!

Ask me any English grammar or vocabulary questions during the entire duration of the challenge in the Facebook group. It’ll be like having your private business-English coach for 5 days! 

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What's included in the challenge?

Total Value is 415€

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