5 Ways Users Give PowerPoint Its Bad Rap

Within the debates circulating on PowerPoint, the finger seems to be pointing at the software itself as the culprit responsible for monotony in the corporate world. Why does PowerPoint have such a bad reputation?

Est-il possible d’éviter le terrorisme lorsque l’on voyage?

Dans la matinée du 22 mars, les onze millions d’habitants de Belgique ont été informés des événements désastreux qui se sont produits, ce matin-là, à l’aéroport de Zaventem et à la station de métro Maalbeek. Quatre terroristes, dont trois sont morts, sont entrés dans les zones animés et ont fait sauter des bombes qui ont […]

Pourquoi Tant D’Américains Portaient Le Vert Au Travail Aujourd’hui?

Why did so many Americans wear green to work today? March 17 marks the death of St. Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland. Originally, the day was aimed to commemorate Christianity’s arrival in Ireland. Throughout the years, it has turned into a celebration of all aspects of Irish culture. St. Patrick’s day is […]

Happy Women’s History Month!

In recognition of Women’s History Month, we’re featuring memorable quotations from some of the most inspiring businesswomen who are building history.

Death by PowerPoint: Can a Computer Software Really Kill?

[:fr] “PowerPoint allows speakers to pretend that they are giving a real talk, and audiences to pretend that they are listening.” – Edward Tufte   Officially launched in 1990, Microsoft’s version of PowerPoint is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Within this time period, the application has gone through not only a dozen remodels but […]