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It's Time To Take Charge In English Meetings With TOTAL CONFIDENCE!

Do you feel ridiculous when you try speaking in English with clients or partners? Do you find yourself sitting in meetings unable to contribute?  Do you ever feel left out? Like things are being hidden from you because everyone in the room is speaking in English and you just can’t seem to follow along? Do you feel powerless because you always need to rely on someone to translate for you?

This report will give you 5 proven strategies to gain English confidence and kick ass in the English-speaking boardroom!

I’m tired of feeling embarrassed about my English!

Like so many of our clients !

Get your Power back !

Get rid of your embarrassment when doing business with English-speaking clients or partners! 

Download our guide and access 5 simple things that you can do TODAY to participate in meetings run in English… just as you do when you’re speaking French! 

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5 Proven strategies to never feel powerless during meetings in english

Discover a load of resources and tips to help you gain English confidence and effortlessly conduct business in English !

In this report, we reveal 5 strategies that most business owners ignore…preventing them from getting rid of this business handicap for good. 

You’ll discover: 

  • the expressions that you MUST use in 2021 to come across as confident in English ;
  • secret tricks to sounding like an English native ;
  • a crazy hack to boost your brain power and memorize English vocabulary like never before  ;
  • and much more !

I want English confidence!

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✅  How to speak English like a native 
These are things that you’ll never learn in a textbook, but we’ve got your covered! Our British and North American instructors share what you need to do to sound more natural when speaking in English and come across as being totally confident.

✅  Productivity secrets
You’ll learn the single more effective productivity hack that will boost your business English confidence in as little as 3 months.

✅  Scientifically proven memory tactics
We’ll share with you the most innovative memorization tactics – scientifically researched – so that you can catapult your English vocabulary and use it straight away with your clients.

✅  SPECIAL BONUS 1: Acronym Cheatsheet
We’re throwing in a handy list of the most up to date business acronyms being used in the boardroom today, so that you’ll sound like an English expert.

✅  SPECIAL BONUS 2: Idiom Cheatsheet
If the acronyms weren’t enough, you’ll also get a list of the most frequently used business idioms. Never feel lost again during a meeting because you don’t understand what “taking the bull by the horns” means!

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I’m tired of feeling embarrassed about my English!

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L'accès instantané !

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